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Monday Morning Ant Brigade

This song is by The Bouncing Souls and appears on the album Hopeless Romantic (1999).

Monday morning I woke up late. I feel like shit and
I can't see straight One last drink was a bad idea I'm
On the bowl with diarrhea Out the door in a fog barked
At by the neighbors dog forgot my keys I went back
Inside I got a flat so I can't ride The phone rings AW JEEZ
Now what? I am an idiot so I pick it up (hello?) Now I'm
Held up on my line My cretin landlord he's wasting my time
He wants his money or we go to trial HE'S GOT PENIS
ENVY DENIAL Another weekend I didn't get laid it's a
Monday morning ant brigade Another weekend I didn't
Get paid it's a Monday morning ant brigade Fuck it all
No regrets I'm staying in and you can bet it sucks
Outside in the pouring rain I'll smoke some pot and
Fry my brain Thom cut the record down to the bone I'm
The sureshot rocking the microphone Another weekend i
Didn't get laid it's a Monday morning ant brigade I've got
The Monday mornings

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