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I Like Your Eyes

This song is by The Bouncing Souls and appears on the album The Bouncing Souls (1997).

I love your eyes so much I wanna poke 'em out
I love your legs so much I wanna break 'em off
I love your hair so much I wanna rip it out

You played a game with the wrong motherfucker
Violent love, my violent love
Love you so much I want to kill you
Love you so much I want to kill you

I love your face so much I wanna smack it off
I love your pants so much I wanna pull 'em down
I love you!

Got nothing but love today
Whip it out and fire away
Can you feel the pain in my heart?
Where's it hurt, man? Everywhere!

Look at me again and I'll hit you
Hate you so much I want to kill you
Love you so much I want to love you
Touch me again and I'll kick you

You're my precious little girl
You mean more to me than the whole wide world
What the fuck are you looking at?
Are you talking to me?

Fuck you!
I love you!
I love you

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