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Waitin' On A Train

This song is by The Bottle Rockets and appears on the album 24 Hours A Day (1997).

We were married in a fever when we were both eighteen
But our fever died so a cold when we reached twenty-three
Now I got me a little boy but I don't get to see him much
His Mom, she's remarried well and his new Dad could give him more than love.
Waiting on a train, waiting on a train
The engine's dirty and the cars are plain
Like me he's moving slow but he's got two things on me you know
Diesel power and he feels no pain
I'm sitting at this crossing watching those Burlington Northern cars
My alternator's discharging and this old baby she ain't long for parts
I wish that I could fix it, you know my Daddy he would have known how
But the alcohol it took him away and only you Lord can help me now.
I'm so tired of being lonesome, I'm so tired of being blue
I'm so tired of waiting lonely for the days I could see you

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