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Slo Toms

This song is by The Bottle Rockets and appears on the album 24 Hours A Day (1997).

I know where we can go if we ain't got nothing to do
All we're gonna need is a ten dollar bill maybe we better bring two.
Cause you never know how it's gonna go might stay till the band gets through
That crappy little place at the end of the block baby let's me and you go down to
Slo-Tom's let's go down to Slo-Tom's
It ain't much of nothing but it sure is something
We can watch Gary play Sweet Home Alabama on his Peavey guitar
We can watch them fools fall off of their stools while their getting drunk at the bar
We can do it too baby me and you we don't even need the car
Just walk down the street, turn the corner and baby there we are

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