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Headed for the Ditch

This song is by The Bottle Rockets and appears on the album Brand New Year (1999).

They want us to eat shit and say thanks
They want to hand you paper, you can take that to the bank
Well I scratched their back but I still got my itch
Singin' Sammy can't drive 55 but I' headed for the ditch

The mood was ugly like they wanna kill us
Accountants and Lawyers actin' like they're Bruce Willis
They want us to turn down and play the blues
They want Mercedes-Benz' but all they got is BMW's
So like trained fleas you got to please the famous bar bitch
This road goes on forever so I'm headed for the ditch

I got a little drunk my head was spinnin'
I had a dream but it was not about women
I saw hippie and think it was Neil Young
He said he heard your song its already been sung
Then he handed me a mouth harp and a cold brain sandwich
Got in the ancient Cadillac and headed for the ditch
Ol' Neil got in the ancient Cadillac and headed for the ditch.

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