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Gas Girl

This song is by The Bottle Rockets and appears on the album Bottle Rockets (1993).

Well there's a little gas station where I like to go
Tell you, there's a little girl there I'd like to know
It's a self-service station
So she don't have to work too hard
That pretty little gas girl
I wonder who you are
Who you are
Sometimes in the evening I drive around town
Up and down the still streets
Until the gas run down
Then pull up to her pumps
Fill it up and tell her keep the change
Hey, pretty little gas girl
Don't even know your name
But I wanna find out

Well this is getting serious
Hey this is not a joke
Tell you I stopped by for cigarettes
And I don't even smoke
Man I hope she doesn't have a boyfriend
Hope she doesn't have a wedding ring
Pretty little gas girl
You are my everything

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