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Wake Up Boo!

This song is by The Boo Radleys and appears on the album Wake Up! (1995).

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Wake Up Boo!
Summer's gone, days spent with the grass and sun
I don't mind, to pretend I do seems really dumb
I rise as the morning comes
Crawling through the blinds
I shouldn't be up at this time
But I can't sleep with you there by my side

Wake up it's a beautiful morning
Feel the sun shining for your eyes
Wake up it's so beautiful
For what could be the very last time

Twenty-five I don't recall a time I felt this alive
There's so many things for us to do
It's early so take your time
Don't let me rush you please
I know I was up all night, I can do anything
anything, anything

But you can't blame me
Not for the death of summer
No you can't blame me
Not for the death of summer
But you're gonna say what you wanna say
You have to put the death in everything

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