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Drive Time Blues

This song is by The Bobs.

Am I driving to work or working to drive?
Creeping along just barely alive
Early in the morning there's a traffic warning
But it can't slam through my personal fog
Did I feed the dog? (Yes I fed the dog)

I couldn't get out of bed
I'm like the living dead
Rising from my coffin for coffee and a muffin
I'm stuck in my car with N-P-R
But it won't cut through my personal fog
Did I feed the dog? (Yes I fed the dog ... I think)

CHORUS: At seven o'clock I'm stuck in gridlock
I need a shock from my morning jock
With news and talk and album rock
What I need is a shock from my morning jock

They're opinionated but very funny.
Getting up at dawn and probably making a ton of money
Break a record over your head
Then go back home to bed
Where the rest of the day you can sleep like a log!
Did I feed the dog?


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