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Cat-Scan Hist'ry

This song is by The Blue Aeroplanes and appears on the album Swagger (1990).

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Song of the Day
June 14, 2018
Moving back into the underworld
Nothing new can tell you how old you are
Or what's planned

Burn land, drought land
Animals sink, animals stand

Soon to be divided, dispersed, flags unfurled
New lines drawn on the world
Sink pitch in tar, pour silicone rubber into the mould of the rock
Pull the model of its fossil, a gone-by friend
From the stone matrix to the brain case
Its death a computer graph of an unseen hand
Come fifty million years to a cat-scan

Face unknown, technology at a loss to explain a fever
Every bone in your arm revealed to the future as his
Shade of a notion, the ghost of a plan
To give up finally, in ourselves, the haunt of man

Burn land, drought land
Animals sink, animals stand

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