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Did You Drive

This song is by The Blow and appears on the album Everyday Examples Of Humans Facing Straight Into The Blow (2005).

Was the air so hot?
Was there an ocean of crackling ice?
You're all ice, what got inside?
Did you find the thought?
And did you guess it right?

Were you in it nearly all of the time?
And did your blood run through like orange juice?
And did you find yourself there?
And did the clothes that you wore surround you like a cloud?
And did you get the chance to float?

Was the air so hot?
Did you look up and see light in the sky?
And did you drive right through?
Make a streak through every night

And did you feel the flow?
Did you feel the flow?
Can you feel it still?
Did you bring some home? Did you go?

Did the people bump against you?
And surround you like a cloud
And did you see right through?
And did you look into a mirror that was foggy with a cloud?
And did you find your same old self?

Written by:

Maricich Mikhaela Y