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Can't Get Over You

This song is by The Blenders and appears on the album Loveland (1999).

There comes a time in your life
When you know that the feeling's right
Now i know
I took too long
To realize that now you're gone

I shoulda known by the look in your eyes
That it was over when you said goodbye
No other girl can make me feel like you do
I know it's over but i'm missing you

The day you left
Girl i can't forget
Oh, what can i do?
When i can't get over you
I think about it
Every night i dream
You'll come back to me
Cuz i can't get over you

I found my love inside
Should've given it all to you
Whoa, and honey
I wish that you only knew
This pain that i'm going through
Girl i need you

I shoulda known, by the tears in your eyes
How much you love me when you said goodbye
No other girl can do the things that you do
I know it's over but i'm missing you


I tried to love another girl but she'd only
Only reminds me of you
No other girl can take your place in my heart
I just can't live when we're apart


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