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Accidental Lovers

This song is by The Blenders and appears on the album Totally Whipped (1992).

I was drivin' one day, out on the freeway
When out of the blue, from my blind side
Came a cute little girl, in a half-ton Ford Ranger
Right there in my Yogo, I started to cry

Whoa, I'm gonna die!

That cute little girl nailed me right in the bumper
I flew through the wind-shield and into a wall
The next thing I knew I saw floral arrangements
There were tubes up my nose and a pain in my skull

Whoa, I didn't die!

Then came a knock and she walked through the door
I knew right away I'd seen that face before
That little girl, who destroyed my import
But look at that smile, I've got to know more

And ever since, that first fateful meeting
We spent time together and God only knows
How we came to be friends and we came to be lovers,
Who would have thought that's how accidents go?

Accidental Lovers, Accidental Lovers
We're just Accidental Lovers, Accidental Lovers

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