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You Know Who's Seatbelt

This song is by The Bled and appears on the album Pass The Flask (2003).

The signal flares will light the way,
to the scene of the accident where we'll dance,
like a pile of teeth in a broken mouth
Such a sick celebration.
Everyone loves a fucking tragedy,
of epic proportions

Lets set our hearts on self-destruct.
Lets set our hearts on self-destruct.

Like scarlet drips on a white tile floor, a cardiac metronome.
We'll scrape the guardrail from our teeth and start again.

There's a flood in the infirmary where we'll swim through broken glass.
Our prosthetic limbs will keep us afloat.
There's a flood in the infirmary.

Lets set our hearts on self-destruct. (x8)

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