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Night Errors

This song is by The Bled and appears on the album Heat Fetish (2010).

All your moves are an act to me, If I'm dismissive,
The red on your hand and the stutter in your step gave me permission.
Who's broken heart did I abduct to feign these tears?
Who's battered soul did I usurp to howl like this?
The blade sharp and well groomed, but the execution lacked vision.
I was deployed to revive the lull in your casual blackouts.
Who's phantom hand did I possess to get this feeling?

One foot on the stage, one foot in the grave.
The only time you feel alive is when you're on fire.

There's a tempest raging on and on in my body.
You picked your battles, I just loved to fight.
Lost some, won some, then I lost count.
You can't see eye to eye when you're drinking from a different well.
I'm unopposed to replaying the dying picture.

I couldn't shut your laughing eyes, they just kept on getting louder and louder.
Grand delusions rub my ego so raw. I wasn't burn with this thorn in my side, no.
I stole every kiss from the sight of the crash.
If you believe these outrageous claims,
Then I'll take you to the black hole.
Where no one escapes

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