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The Ballad Of The Blamed

This song is by The Blamed and appears on the album 21 (1994).

What a nice day to go out and play
With some friends
Round and round without a sound
Until the end

What a day, well, have it your way
Remember tomorrow
Oh boy, what a joy
Where is sorrow?

I don't want to grow up now
I don't want to think about it
Hold on to my childhood
Hold on to my God

So young and so much fun
I kiss the ground
So high on life
Bring me down

The cure for the future
The cost ignorance lost

An adult another result
Of fortune and fame
Too smart for my heart
Knowledge is pain

I have a brain it's not the same
Where's my youth?
Abused and so confused
I know not what to do

My way's been paved
An open heart
I must focus
It's time to start

The way the truth
The life
Obedience is the price
To following Christ


Written by:

Bradford Aaron; Churchill Eric; Gray Bryan; Minier Greg; Siletta Scott

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