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​Unwritten Apology

This song is by The Black Sheep and appears on the album Not Part Of The Deal (2009).

Don't you feel you've been losing me?
Babe, your hands are holding empty
Go call collect, my number's dead
I relocated while you slept

I burn up every light in town
It cracks me up to bring you down
I call your bluff 'cause you won't shoot
And I know my heart is bulletproof

I need to feel you now
I didn't mean to bring you down
You hurt the one you love
And love the one you hurt
Stay together, but let me breathe
And this, this is my unwritten apology

So Juliet frames her Romeo
You make the cut but I won't follow
Don't you see you're falling free
Caught up in my velocity

You want to surf the surface, oh
Then sink into me like stone
But if you go, I know I'll lose
I thought my heart was bulletproof

I need to feel you now...