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Take The Bullets Back

This song is by The Black Sheep and appears on the album Not Part Of The Deal (2009).

These walls are comin' down
This house it ain't a home
You're knockin' at the door
Pretending you're the saviour

I don't believe a word
So many have been hurt
But still it seems that you only
Try to ignore

Don't shut your eyes
See what you have done
See the world outside
And stop telling lies
You've gone too far
Who do you think you are
So take the bullets back
Take the bullets back
Just take them back

Now we're livin' in the streets
The truth beneath our feet
The sky has turned from blue to grey
We're gonna change it

Everything we got
You took it and you shot
But now we're gonna stop you
You're losing control

Don't shut...

I miss my sister
'Cause she is gone
With the sun
And I miss my brother
'Cause he is gone
With the sun

My sister
She is gone
She is gone!

Don't shut...

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