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On The Ground

This song is by The Black Sheep and appears on the album Not Part Of The Deal (2009).

You have
You have to leave me alone
I wanna be
I wanna be on my own
High Speed
The world is turning around
Too fast
There's too much panic for me

Next level evolution comes
There is no use for any guns
It's time to prove that you're my friend
And not a part of our end

I can't take this anymore
Have to stop it is too much
I don't wanna sing
There's no word I can touch
I am a submarine
I'm lying on the ground of the sea
Where they can't get me

I'm deaf - I'm dumb, I'm blind, my mind -
Don't wanna hear what's coming out
I'm sinking - down to the ground -
Too deep to see solutions

No time the revolution comes
A new beginning is absurd
Too many nerves have been destroyed
The neutrons gone, they left the core

I can't take this...

Don't touch the screen
Reality TV is screwing your identity

We have to live security

I can't take this...

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