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Game Over

This song is by The Black Sheep and appears on the album Not Part Of The Deal (2009).

Do we feel as we should feel right now?
Every day is easier, somehow
In my mind I play another game
And I think that I'm the one to blame

We both know, I'll never be your friend
We both know how this game will end
All the things I never heard you say
Are the reasons that now I just can't stay

So I
Turn around and run
All my hope is gone
After the rain, awaiting the sun
But not today,
It's "Game Over".

While I
Turn around and run
A storm is yet to come
Where is the sun? There's only rain!
I better run,
It's "Game Over"

Understand what I have been through
Take my hand, I say goodbye to you
You might think that I didn't care
If you knew of what I just became aware

So I...

Rain, only rain...
Since I feel that I can't play this
Game, I feel more
I want all the things you'll never say

So I...

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