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​Bring Us Back

This song is by The Black Sheep and appears on the album Not Part Of The Deal (2009).

Waiting for you on this Monday morning
That is all I can do since your good bye kiss
I never wanted to disappoint you
But I should have known that it would end like this

Everything they have told me - I believed it
But what they said was a barefaced lie
How could I think this affair was true?
I thought you've destroyed our love
But so did I...

Bring us back, bring us back
Where we started yesterday
Let me hear, all the things
That you wouldn't say today
I destroyed what we had
Now you're pushing me away

Please forget what I've done
And skip back to yesterday
Just a stupid mistake
I regret it today
It's no use to excuse
And you're pushing me away

Waiting for you, will you give us a second chance?
It's Monday night and I'm going mad
I want to call you and say that I'm sorry
I should have known I could trust
In what you said...

Bring us back...