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Modern Times

This song is by The Black Keys and appears on the album Magic Potion (2006).

They're gonna get to it tomorrow
But they don't care at all
They're gonna ease your pain and sorrow
But we heard the same before

All my lovin' friends
Takin' nothin' home
And I can't be the one
To lay troubles on

All their homes are broken
And what are they gonna do?
There's no magic potion
Their lyin' days are through

Love and lust
Go hand-in-hand
Everything turned to dust
In our promised land

Take the well-dressed man
And watch him pass you by
Work your life away
Makes me wanna cry

In these modern times
Oh, oh, oh

Gonna scream it on a mountain
To every valley wide
It's all your money they're countin'
And to your face they lie

Put on your work boots, mama
And your mornin' gown
Twelve men dead today
They're already in the ground

See the well-dressed man
Watch him pass you by
Work your life away
Make me wanna cry

In these modern times
In these modern times
In these modern times

Written by:

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney

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