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Black Grease

This song is by The Black Angels and appears on the EP The Black Angels (2005) and on the album Passover (2006).

This song is featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto V.
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You're a storm, you're so emotional
Moody and controlled, sly and involved
You're alright, you come to me in times
You make me realize I'm not the kindest guy

But I give, give, give, give
I give what I can give
So just give, give, give, give
Give me what you have, dear

Ooh, oh

Slow, you kept me in that storm
You showed me things galore, made me want much more
And now denied, the things I saw inside
The things I saw inside is what really caught my eye

And you give, give, give, give
Just give what you can
And I'll live, live, live, live
Live while I can, dear

You're so surprised, you see me put up fights
You hear me realize, you come along for rides
You're just so kind, the eagle with red wine
You made me see that fine line between me and time

To just kill, kill, kill, kill
You kill what you can
And you kill, kill, kill, kill
Anything you want

Ooh, oh
Ooh, oh

Written by:

Stephanie Bailey / Christian Bland / Alex Maas / Jennifer Raines / Nate Ryan

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