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​Paris Be Mine

This song is by The Bicycles and appears on the album The Good, The Bad And The Cuddly (2006).

Toronto is great
And Brantford is just fine
I think it was in Ottawa that I had the best time
Though Montreal's appealing
I need the real thing
Paris, oh Paris be mine

When I was just sixteen years old
That's when I found out where I needed to go
I found the answer in a Tropic of Cancer
Discovered lovers and dirty whores
In a night school book report

Now some years have passed and I still know
I've found a garden for my heart to grow
The big Eiffel Tower like a beautiful metal flower
Will smile and sing on down to me
'Je suis ci joyeux que vous etes ici!'

And I won't be afraid
Of no men in berets
I will dance and parade all over town

And I can't get hurt
By no women in striped shirts
Won't be shy or embarrassed
No, not here in Paris

Toronto is great
And my friends are why
I think of all the crazy nights drinking cheap red wine
And though certainly I will miss you
I heard they have nice tissues
In Paris, oh Paris be mine

Paris, oh Paris be mine