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Little Tin Heart

This song is by The Benjamins and appears on the album The Art Of Disappointment (2001).

standing out there on a ledge
I'm scared to look back down
on all those people down there
they think I'm crazy
I told you that I needed time alone
to sort through all the cobwebs and the random thoughts
they all get to me sometimes

dressed up in my Sunday best
waiting for something
like maybe some aliens would come down and take me home
but you don't really seem to get it
you don't seem to know how much it would mean to me
to leave this place

I know it seems a little bit scary
but I just can't find the right words to say
so please, please, just hear me out
it's just my little tin heart trying to write a pretty song

maybe you think I'm stoned
but I know what I'm saying
suspend your disbelief in me
isn't it unbelievable just how fucked up things can be?
so take somet ime
think it over till it's done
and I don't think that she's the one

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