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Dr. Frank Was Right

This song is by The Benjamins and appears on the EP Bordering On Boredom (2000) and on the album The Art Of Disappointment (2001).

I could only sleep when you were next to me
then I'd never wanna get up
good morning, sunshine did you dream about me?
and what the hell's in the way of our today?

yesterday I had it figured out
you were gonna be mine now you love me more than toast and less than a staple gun

let's not blow it right now let's not do something we'd both regret
never is a long time to wait for you
and I'm not getting any younger
not getting any younger

who's the new kid that you're seeing?
does he ever buy you flowers?
does he ever tell you that he'd love you till the end of time?
does he ever never wanna hurt you?

i just want someone to be there on my birthday
i just want someone to get real drunk with
i just want someone who needs someone to need them
because I've got nothing left that I believe in

so hello, and it's goodbye again
I'm going home to cry again
you still have all those letters I wrote you
and I still have my song

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