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Sugar Daddy

This song is by The Bellamy Brothers and appears on the album You Can Get Crazy (1980).

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What you need is a sugar daddy
Diamond rings and a brand new caddy
Little things to help a girla make trough
What you need are satin pilows
Rivers flowin' down like willows
What you need is me to love you

You are the kind of a woman
That likes to be on her own
It's simple
Those times you need a man on that, love
You like the finer things
All my money can buy
I like the way your body sings
I love the fire in your eyes

What you need
We could be a secret
Our own private affair
I would give the word to you
Just so you'd know that I care
If your friends should find out
If they tried to prowl
I'll put your piedestal up so high
They wont dare to look down

What you need

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