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Maniac Blues

This song is by The BellRays and appears on the album Have a Little Faith (2006).

Got a maniac on my trail
I'd kill him if I could
He watches me with killer eyes
His hands are in my blood
He's a giant indestructible monster
I can feel his breath on me
I can shoot him down a million times
But he's never gonna set me free

I'm weighted down beside him
He swims the ocean with me
We're brothers in our purpose
And hated enemies
I was born to serve him
He makes my dreams come true
He's my father and my mother
I'm in love and I am doomed.

Got a maniac in my bed.
His hate is in my dreams
I'm too tired of fighting
Too tired to go to sleep
I cut my throat on his edges
And I bleed from his wounds
If I'm running forever
I'm not running soon

Written by:

Robert Vennum

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