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Out Of Control

This song is by The Beau Brummels and appears on the album Magic Hollow (2005).

I... can't see you
What did you say is your name?

I... don't think I know you
Like you have been saying

Ah, you seem to think that such a weak embrace
Can help me remember your old face, no, no

Hey, little girl I think that you should go

Yes, before things start to get out of control

Why... does the sun make you squint so much?

Why... does my skin shiver upon your touch?

Have you got anything on you that is real?
Something I could see or even feel, no, no

Ah yes, hey little girl I think that you should go

You know that there are things way, way out of control

See... that wolf way up high on that hill
You know that he... don't want sheep
But might know someone who will

Ah, what more can I do, yes
What more can I say
You just can't make it here, any old way, no, no

Hey little girl I wish that you would go
Ah yes, now things are way out of control


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