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On The Road Again

This song is by The Beau Brummels and appears on the album Magic Hollow (2005).

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Standing in the shower
Staring at the squares on the wall...
Hey, I'm walking in the evening
Hoping that it's not my fa-ult...

Yes, I'm fumbling and stumbling
Words that I'm jumbling
Fearing and glaring
Sometimes staring
On... the road... again

Hey, I'm looking for a friend
Looking for a friend
Around the break of day
All those people talking at me
Not so very much that I can say, "Hey, hey."

Still I'm flipping and tripping
Sometimes slipping, funny and running
I'll think about sunning
On... the road... again

Now I'm looking through the glass
Looking through the glass of a soda pop bottle
Oh, summer's here and now
But outside in a raincoat there stands a model

Well, I'm thinking that drinking
Starts you into sinking
Forget regret that you're not home yet
On... the road... again

I'm walking by the seaside
Looking at the girlies
Walking down by the beach

Yes, I sit and watch the lifeguards
Scheming on the talent
Walking down by the beach

Yes, I seeking to meeting
People hide and seeking
Walking and talking
Watching people balking
On... the road... again

Ya, I'm on... the road... again
Yes, I'm on... the road... again...

Written by:

Sal Valentino Wikipedia16

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