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Galadriel (Demo)

This song is by The Beau Brummels and appears on the album Magic Hollow (2005).

I made a game for my lady
The good-good lady Galadriel
I made a game of the seasons for my lady
And hoped that maybe it would
Make her time pass well...

I picked a flower from her garden
Dare I say that it was to cast a spell
I picked a flower from the garden of my lady
For the summer and the winter
And the splendor of Galadriel

Years go by
And play a game they will not tell
Time will fly
But can not change Galadriel

I saw a wise man in the city
Alone he live, the ringer of the bell
I saw a wise man in the city of my lady
All he gave and all he saved was the
Memory of Galadriel

Galadriel (Galadriel)
Galadriel (Galadriel)
Galadriel (Galadriel)
Galadriel (Galadriel)



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