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​Suits on for Sandi

This song is by The Bear Quartet and appears on the album Cosy Den (1993).

I pulled your shirt
As you ran for the trees
Me I followed
You you just laughed right out
In better days than these
Guess every fall has its storm
But it's not knocking on my door
As you used to
Me without you,
Now I'm just trying to feel
All that I'm supposed to

Are you still there
Watching things dance around
Are you still there
Watching wishes as they drown

It's all remorse and no reward for what I have done
I take a look around me,
I see I'm all harmless now
And driving to stay calm,
Guess every field holds its barn
Filled with nothing much
Now that you're gone as such

Are you still there
Wailing around in your own way
Are you still there
Waiting for what never came

Another birthday
Which is mean to say: I remember

I'm still here
Wailing around in my own way
I'm still here
Slowly losing it again
Watching things dance around
Watching wishes as they drown

Hurdles now, hurdles now
It's all hurdles now,
They're all hurdles now

Music by:

Jari Haapalainen

Lyrics by:

Peter Nuottaniemi