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Magic Transistor Radio

This song is by The Beach Boys and appears on the bonus EP of the album Holland (1973).


He sat up in his open window, looking quietly down at the path.
A firefly flew in his room and flew right out again.
Down jumped the prince and he went again to find his radio.

(Magic transistor radio)
(Glowing magic transistor radio)
(Glowing magic transistor radio)
(Glowing magic transistor radio)


As he made his way, he could hear something once again.
There was that transistor up on the same tree.
Then from inside of it came a strange voice.

spoken by Pied Piper:

Hello, I'm the Pied Piper from the far away land of Night.
Nobody knows anything about my existence. I only want to know kids.
Late at night when people are sleeping, I go into their old radios and turn them into magic transistors and fly outside with them.
I come from such a far away land of Night, that I'm fascinated with the funny music I hear on your radios.
You are the first to know of me. You can't see me, I'm hidden, but you can see the green glow I make.
I heard you laugh last night. I figured that you would be amused by me. Listen to this:

Written by:

Brian Wilson

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