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Ship Out On The Sea

This song is by The Be Good Tanyas and appears on the album Chinatown (2003) and on the compilation album A Collection (2012).

I'm a ship, I'm a ship, I'm a ship
Out on the sea
None of my loves floating wild
Come back to me
So I'll write you a letter, I'll write you a letter
With this here pen
Don't make me wait, don't make me wait
'Cause I'm your friend

I'm in love with the garden
That is down on the street
And the earth is a warm thing under my feet

Oh long streams of light
Lift me, from the dirty town
'Cause I'm losing stain, soak me yeah with
Rain, rain, rain

I'm a ship, I'm a ship, I'm a ship
Out on the sea
And these clouds flying by so fast
Well they confuse me
And the long leaves in the tall trees
Pale in the sunshine
All I was twistin' and turnin'
In the cool sheets past bed time

Plant me in the garden
Don't you let me roam
'Cause love is a feeling like a warm dark stone

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