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No Name For The Baby (1989)Edit

The Bates - No Name for the Baby
No Name for the Baby
  1. The Night
  2. Wall Breaker
  3. Sidewalk Surfin'
  4. I Don't Love You
  5. Norman
  6. It's My Party
  7. Time to Shake
  8. It's Me Again
  9. I Don't Care
  10. Best Friends Girl
  11. Boredom
  12. Summer in the City
  13. Run
  14. Sometimes
  15. Slow Down Baby
  16. No
  17. Runaway
  18. Always the Same
  19. As Tears Go By
  20. Song for Drinkers

Shake! (1990)Edit

The Bates - Shake!
  1. Meet My Friends
  2. The Lips Of Jayne Mansfield
  3. Eagleman
  4. No More
  5. Wet Look
  6. Signed D.C.
  7. Who's That Girl
  8. Goldfinger
  9. Good Times Are Gone
  10. Dinosaur
  11. Sick
  12. Ghostriders
  13. Doc's
  14. I Want You Back Again
  15. Evil
  16. Witches
  17. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
  18. I Heard The Wind

Psycho Junior (1992)Edit

Unfucked (Live) (1993)Edit

The Bates (1994)Edit

The Bates - The Bates
The Bates
  1. Bate´s Motel
  2. Something to Do
  3. I'm Alright
  4. Hello
  5. Worse Than the Devil
  6. No Place to Go
  7. All in All
  8. Don't Tell Me No Lies
  9. Gone Tomorrow
  10. Little Dinosaur
  11. Bubble Gum Trash
  12. Heo
  13. Waiting for the Sun
  14. Paint My Horse Green
  15. Off
  16. Farewell to Cheyenne

Pleasure + Pain (1995)Edit

The Bates - Pleasure and Pain
Pleasure + Pain
  1. Tonight
  2. The Only One
  3. Still The Same
  4. In This Town
  5. A Fuck On The Edge Of The World
  6. Shine
  7. Yeah
  8. Highscore
  9. Say It Isn't So
  10. Don't Wanna Be Like You
  11. Junkie
  12. Fuck The World
  13. Rock 'N' Roll Heart
  14. A Real Cool Time
  15. Billie Jean
  16. Fuck
  17. Donna Clara
  18. High Above The Ground

Kicks 'n' Chicks (1996)Edit

Kicks n Chicks
Kicks 'N' Chicks
  1. Here We Go
  2. O.K.
  3. It's Getting Dark
  4. When Will I See You Again
  5. I Can Handle It
  6. I'm Still Waiting
  7. Friendship
  8. On My Own
  9. In Your Head
  10. Lips
  11. Der Westen ist einsam
  12. I Hate To Go
  13. Baby I Got You
  14. Poor Little Girl
  15. Poor Boy
  16. Drivin' Without Brakes
  17. All I Got To Say
  18. Not Like You
  19. Do You Care
  20. The End

What A Beautiful Noise (Live) (1997)Edit

Intra Venus (1998)Edit

Punk? (1998)Edit

Right Here! Right Now! (1999)Edit

2nd Skin (2000)Edit

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Baby I Miss You
  2. Be My Baby
  3. Beautiful Noise
  4. Bring It On Home To Me
  5. Feels Like A Fuck On The Edge Of The World
  6. Glass Of Champagne
  7. Going For The Show
  8. Gonna Make It Through The Night
  9. Good Old Hockey Game
  10. I Don't Wanna Love You
  11. I Know Now
  12. Independent Love Song
  13. Japanese Girl
  14. Leuchtturm
  15. My Baby's Gone Away
  16. One Minute
  17. Out Of My Mind
  18. Over You
  19. Pay Back
  20. Running Forward
  21. She Won't Come Back
  22. She's Mine
  23. Up The Down Escalator

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