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​Ever-Full Bag

This song is by The Bastard Sons Of Dioniso and appears on the album Great Tits Heat! (2006).

Once I tried to knock twice on my head
Any answers, maybe it was in bed
This fucking brain is lazy and disobedient

Luckily there was Caio by my side
Naughty smile and red eyes, that's why
Nobody answered while the night rocked us

Star Dust in abundance, it was a kind of magic
When he showed the
Ever-full bag
He's a guardian angel, better still a guardian devil
Always ready to heat it up

I felt an heavy load on my shoulder
Why do you have a monkey on your hair?
Damn!You've got a monkey on your head, too

Living in middle-age without horses
A lot of African swallows and flying cows
I think it's better a good pair of coconuts