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The Yankee Flipper

This song is by The Baseball Project and appears on the album Volume 1: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails (2008).

He's a friend of the Smithereens, an old pal of Eddie Vedder
For a good few years there weren't any pitchers better
He loved R.E.M. and he played a Rickenbacker guitar
But for a night on the town with Mike Mills, you get hit pretty hard

Mike and I met up with Dennis Diken and Black Jack somewhere
As this was New York City, you may have heard they have a few bars there
Jack loved the Replacements, and we drank enough that we became them
Two guitars, bass, and drums, yeah, our lineup was the same then

He was crowned the Yankee Flipper by the foul ball of fame
He gave 50,000 fans the finger, but we'd like to share a little bit of the blame
It was Spike and Mike and Black Jack and me

I'm told Jack ended up on the cold tiles of the floor
With his mom, who was visiting, banging on the bathroom door
Next time he took the mound was not a pretty sight
And I've always figured it had a lot to do with that night

The photos filled every front page of the morning editions
Now he's the poster boy for a grand baseball tradition
Templeton, Tejada, Billy Martin, and Albert Belle
From old Hoss Radbourne all the way to David Wells


Written by:

Scott McCaughey

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