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Here Lies Carl Mays

This song is by The Baseball Project and appears on the album Volume 2: High and Inside (2011).

It's so peaceful here in the Riverview graveyard
And sometimes it felt that way out in the green ball field
But life can take a turn right before your eyes
And you know you'll never be the same again

Chappie was a favorite son, called a prince by everyone
But he couldn't hit me a lick, and he'd tell you so
When he squared to bunt again, I submarined it up and in
He was leaning out over the plate, and he just froze
I wasn't trying to hurt anyone
But now it's all so said and done
And I wish that killer pitch never left my hand

It was never far from my mind
But the next year I went 27 and 9
Hit .343 and we won the Yanks' first flag
Still people didn't like me
Accused me of being on the take in the Series
I pitched three complete games with an ERA of 1.73
In '28 Ray's wife died, suspected it was suicide
And the daughter he never saw passed in '29
And the very ball I threw that day
Thirty years later it was put into play
Took a bad hop and smashed some kid in the eye


Written by:

Scott McCaughey

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