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Your Kingdom? My Home!

This song is by The Bandgeek Mafia and appears on the album No Disguise (2010).

Oh it's not yet dangerous
You hide your inside, but it won't last
I watch you crumble, and if
It's a must to be absurd
I can tell this must does really hurt
I watch you stumble around
It's hard to feign, I know
But it's ten times harder when it's all in vain
It's so insane, insane
You seek for a place on the throne,
What a pity that I deserve much better than you, you're all alone
And your kingdom becomes my home
The king was asleep when I took off his crown
And turned it upside down, what a grateful sound
Your kingdom becomes my home, my home!
No it's not yet dangerous
But your vanity is growing way too fast, you'd
Be better off without!
Why don't you try honesty?
Give it a go and maybe you will see you'd
Be better off with it!

You're all alone and your kingdom becomes my home, you're on your own
Your kingdom becomes my home

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