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Sugar Bear

This song is by The Bananas and appears on the album Forbidden Fruit (1998).

All the sugar bears at the sugar bear picnic
Wanna do a dance for you
But your snuggly wuggly heart has broke
In two, you turn and run away

And I could give you a bear hug
So tight that you can't even breathe
I'll make sure you're good and dead
And then you could never leave me

Oh baby please don't go
Oh baby stay, don't go
All the things you say to me
I know you don't believe
What you want? You don't know
You can't run, no where to go
Don't know don't know where to go
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Call my house
And I'm not home
What's the story?
You're all alone

Your dad's gonna whack you 'cause
I'm running through your garbage can tonight
If they call the cops on me,
I'll just run and hide and
How can you scare me when they can't keep me away
I guess it's all over now
There's nothing left to say no more

Call my house
But I'm not there
What's the story?
Looking for your sugar bear?

And don't tell me again
'Cause I already know
I can see it in your eyes
I know that you're not lying
And there's nothing I can say
That will make it go away
But believe me when I say
I'm not even trying

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