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The Ballad of Art Snyder

This song is by The Balancing Act and appears on the album Three Squares and a Roof (1987).

Words and music by Steve Wagner.

A dog condemned to death
Didn't like the way he barked
When I woke up last night
Could not remember where I parked
I know that I've had better days
I know that I've had worse
With any luck at all
I'll forget this one first

He stayed at home last night
To do some soul searching
We hope he found one
Nothing's ever certain
It's not easy being human
But it's hard to be cement
So he's just another genius
Who can't pay the rent

She crossed herself each time
She got behind the wheel
The car was full of dents
The paint had cracked an peeled
But with a grave determination
And an incidental faith
She lived as is she had nine lives
And just used up her eigth

You might begin to wonder
How these incidents releate
They don't you don't I don't
They just accumulate
So you can't remember too much
And you can't forget enough
You must suspend your disbelief
If you want help from above

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