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She Doesn't Work Here

This song is by The Balancing Act and appears on the album Curtains (1988).

Words and music by Steve Wanger.

There was a girl behind the counter
Who would give away her smile
Your could stand and watch her from the stationery aisle
I found myself returning everyday after awhile
For the torture that I knew would be in store

Then I was kept away for a week or maybe two
The wind came off the lake
And drove the pigeons from the zoo
I finally made it back to that familiar avenue
I shivered as I pushed in through the door

She doesn't work here anymore
The clerk explained to me as he swept the floor
I always meant to talk to her before
She doesn't work there anymore

A blizzard after midnight
Blankets everything with snow
Esalators empty out their cargo down below
This city swallows people
And they never even know
Or if they do it's easy to ignore

I used to like to think that I might see her on the El
My thoughts would turn to words
Would turn to crutches as we fell
But there are few surprises
When you know yourself too well
There is nothing else in store

She doesn't work here anymore
I should have talked to her before
I wonder what it was I waited for
She doesn't work there anymore

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