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Searching For This Thing

This song is by The Balancing Act and appears on the album Three Squares and a Roof (1987).

Words by Jeff Davis. Music by Willie Aron.

While hunting for the lost goblet
I mean searching for this groovy grail thing
I was slashing a holy terror trail
Through the brush
Whistling a very hip and solid tune

Well I cut a path and went
Snaking through the trees
I joined some sunning reptiles
On the rock
I was seeking to dig
The infinite wisdon
That flowed from this
Way out and shining cup

And the animals sing
Sing sing sing
And the trees swing
And sway in the breeze
I've been
Wailing stomping swinging
And searching for this thing

Across ten cent streams
And fifty dollar seas
I was a driven cat
Searching for this mug
Other chalices had never been enough
Oh cup, lay it down
And I'll pick it up

Well I left my path
And went looking for a shortcut
I mean I jumped off the trail
Searching for that grail
Seeking ths goblet
I've traveled all my life
And I wouldn't stop
Until I drank it's wine

Well I found that goblet
Sitting on a rock
I grabbed it fast
And drank in every drop
But no tin tankard
Could show me where it's at
After all I'd seen
So I followed my footsteps back

Back through the granite fields
And fallen trees
Back across ice and iron
And the mineral seas
Back through the hills
Of carbon and line
Around the sphere
Solid magentic on time