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Dangerous Roof

This song is by The Balancing Act and appears on the album Curtains (1988).

Words and music by Jeff Davis.

It's a dangerous roof
When the wind blows
With a shaky ladder
And a street below
But the drunks
And the lovers
Climb up six flights
To see the city
From above the skylights

It's a slippery roof
That's a magnet
For drunks and lovers
The daring walk to the edge
And jam a foot
In the gutter
A tragic lover
Said she'd show me how
She's way out ther, man
She's an angel now
She's way out there, man
She's an angel now

We were strung out
And wired up
Like kites
People are into
All different kinds of flights
When the wind is up there man,
Stay off of that roof
Unless you want
To be an angel too
Unless you want
To be an angel too

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