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A TV Guide in the Olduvai Gorge

This song is by The Balancing Act and appears on the album New Campfire Songs (1986).

Who built these houses?
Who took apart these trees?
With a shovel and a toothbrush
They have brought me to my knees
Now I'm dresed for the invasion
These not much I'm afraid to find
Just a half-forgotten prospect
In the ruins of my mind
It's a TV Guide in the Olduvai Gorge...

Birds who'd rather walk
Stony statues shedding tears
Though I trust these words I read
Still I can't believe her ears
Now she beckons with a pitchfork
And a crackling cathode face
But even when I'm next to her
I feel a little out of place
Like a TV Guide in the Olduvai Gorge...

These's a shyness in your shoulder
And a tremor in your tread
Yes I can tell you don't belong here
Now that I have trained my head
So let me clean your windshield
While you're resting for the climb
And I can help you understand
Why we can never be in time
Like a TV Guide in the Olduvai Gorge...

Written by:

Steve Wagner / Willie Aron