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​A Girl, Her Sister and a Train

This song is by The Balancing Act and appears on the album New Campfire Songs (1986).

I ran into a pretty girl
And her sister
We were on a train
The train was burning
Up the tracks
Their hair fell in their eyes
And down their backs
A girl, her sister and a train...

They came from Canada
Southwest Ontario
Every time they talked to me
It sounded like stereo
We crossed plains and mountain ranges
Salt flats covered in snow
We saw ten thousand places
Hiways never go
A girl, her sister and a train...

We waited in the field
Beside the station
The girls were real
Was the train just our imagination?
The sun dropped behind a bluff
We sang a folksong
I held them in my arms
As the train rolled all night long
Lovers drift together
Traverlers drift apart
Our roads will end forever
Right back where they started
A girl, her sister and a train...

If you won't love me
In your house on the hill
I know for all my life
These sisters will
A girl, her sister and a train...

Written by:

Jeff Davis