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It Ain't for You (1990)Edit

The Badlees - It Ain't for You
It Ain't for You
  1. It Ain't for You
  2. Mama They Must Be Crazy
  3. Last Great Act of Defiance
  4. The Best Damn Things in Life Are Free

Diamonds In The Coal (1992)Edit

The Badlees - Diamonds In The Coal
Diamonds In The Coal
  1. Like A Rembrandt
  2. Back Where We Came From (The Na Na Song)
  3. Just One Moment
  4. The Real Thing
  5. Heaven On Earth
  6. Interlude/Badlee Rap
  7. Next Big Thing
  8. Dirty Neon Times
  9. Spending My Inheritance
  10. Sister Shirley
  11. Mystery Girl
  12. Road To Paradise
  13. Diamonds In The Coal

The Unfortunate Result of Spare Time (1993)Edit

The Badlees - The Unfortunate Result of Spare Time
The Unfortunate Result of Spare Time
  1. A Better Way to Save the World
  2. Me, Myself and I
  3. She's the Woman
  4. You're Not the Only One
  5. Laugh to Keep From Cryin'
  6. Laundromat Radio
  7. Easier Done Than Said
  8. Tore Down Flat in Jackson
  9. The Unfunny
  10. Little Eddie
  11. It Don't Matter Anymore to Me
  12. A Matter of Time

River Songs (1995)Edit

The Badlees - River Songs
River Songs
  1. Angeline Is Coming Home
  2. Fear Of Falling
  3. Angels Of Mercy
  4. Grill The Sucker
  5. Queen Of Perfection
  6. Bendin' The Rules
  7. Gwendolyn
  8. Ore Hill
  9. Nothing Much Of Anything
  10. Song For A River
  11. I Liked You Better When You Hated Yourself

The Day's Parade (1998)Edit

The Badlees - The Day's Parade
The Day's Parade
  1. Leaning on the Day's Parade
  2. Diamonds in the Coal
  3. Atlantic City
  4. Last Great Act of Defiance
  5. 90% of the Time

Amazing Grace (1999)Edit

The Badlees - Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace
  1. I'm Not Here Anymore
  2. Long Goodnight
  3. Poison Ivy
  4. Ain't No Man
  5. Amazing Grace to You
  6. Beyond These Walls
  7. Time Turns Around
  8. Appalachian Scream
  9. A Fever
  10. Gone
  11. In a Minor Way

Up There Down Here (1999)Edit

The Badlees - Up There Down Here
Up There Down Here
  1. Don't Let Me Hide
  2. Luther's Window
  3. Thinking In Ways
  4. Which One Of You
  5. Little Hell
  6. 34 Winters
  7. Middle Of The Busiest Road
  8. Cellarbird And Zither
  9. Running Up That Hill
  10. Love All
  11. Silly Little Man
  12. The Second Coming Of Chris
  13. A Little Faith/Midway Motel

Renew (2002)Edit

The Badlees - Renew
  1. Renew
  2. Hindsightseeing
  3. Four Leaf Clover
  4. Too Many Changes
  5. Done For Love
  6. These Are The People That Own The World
  7. See Me As A Picture
  8. I Don't Believe In You
  9. Once In A While
  10. You Can't Go Home Again

Love Is Rain (2009)Edit

The Badlees - Love Is Rain
Love Is Rain
  1. Peter Pan
  2. Star To Fall
  3. Anodyne
  4. Don't Ever Let Me Down
  5. Well Laid Plans
  6. Drive Back Home
  7. Radio At Night
  8. Part Of A Rainbow
  9. We Will
  10. Way Back Home
  11. Starthrower
  12. Two States
  13. All Right Now

See Me As A Picture - The Best, So Far 1991-2012 (2012)Edit

The Badlees - See Me As A Picture - The Best, So Far 1991-2012
See Me As A Picture - The Best, So Far 1991-2012
  1. See Me As A Picture
  2. Don't Let Me Hide
  3. Poison Ivy
  4. Angeline Is Coming Home
  5. Thinking In Ways
  6. Drive Back Home
  7. Too Many Changes
  8. Fear Of Falling
  9. Maggie May
  10. Promises
  11. Hindsightseeing
  12. Well Laid Plans
  13. Gwendolyn
  14. Laugh To Keep From Cryin'
  15. Long Goodnight
  16. Like A Rembrandt
  17. Last Great Act Of Defiance
  18. Love Took My Soul

Additional information

Band members:
  • Pete Palladino - vocals, harmonica
  • Bret Alexander – guitars and multiple string instruments, synthesizers, vocals
  • Paul Smith – bass, synthesizers, vocals
  • Ron Simasek – drums and percussion
  • Dustin Drevitch – guitars
  • Nyke Van Wyk – violin
Former members:
  • Jeff Feltenberger - guitars and multiple string instruments, vocals (Bad Lee White & Badlees, 1988–2004)
  • Ric Stehman – bass guitar (Badlees, 1990–1991)
  • Steve Feltenberger – bass, vocals (Bad Lee White, 1988–1990)
  • Clint Barrick – guitars, vocals (Bad Lee White, 1988–1989)
Related artists:
  • Bad Lee White
  • The Cellarbirds
  • Pete, Jeff, & Ron
  • Echotown
  • Pete Palladino
  • Bret Alexander
  • Wayne Hancock
Record labels:

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