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Woman's Got A Mind To Change

This song is by The Bacon Brothers and appears on the album Forosoco (1997).

They say the only sure things
In this life are death and taxes
I don't agree I beg to differ
'Cause the fact is
I once met this old wise man on a hill
Who never gave his Uncle Sam
A damn dollar bill
I said are you afraid to die?
He said son, what you talkin'?
I'll be comin' back
As that dog you're walkin'

There is only one thing in this world
That you can count on
There's only one thing
You can lay your money down on
You can bet your life, your farm,
Your home on the range
If you've got a woman
A woman's got a mind to change
I said woman's got a mind
A woman's got a mind to change
I said oh baby let's get us
Some Chinese food
She said no no no no no no
I'm not in the mood
We headed down to Pedro's Tacheria
We ordered up a
Couple of those old salted
You know
That menu
Didn't whet her appetite
She said I've got a good idea
Let's get Chinese food tonight

We had our fling
We had our thing
And she went back to Mr. Right
I cried some tears
I drank some beers
I got in bed and I turned out the light
Then I heard this key inside my door
Familiar footsteps
Just kinda
Moved across my floor
I said baby
I thought you said that
We were through
She said what can I say
I changed my mind
I'd rather be with you