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This song is by The Axis Of Perdition and appears on the album Tenements (Of The Anointed Flesh) (2011).

Pain unveiled
Revealed suffering
I am awake to torment beyond sensation
Unless I dream in agony
This nightmare is reality
Writhing undulation
Dull disorientation
Senses assaulted beyond perception
Entangled in remnants of cracked security
Tearing at gossamer threads of sleep
Unable to return to the womb of unconsciousness
Sloughing off skin and shedding out sentience
Retreating away from the crushing sensations
Burrowing into the soft flesh of despair
Revulsion envelops swirling senses
Seeping and creeping into every crevice
Held close and raped by the crawling insanity
Sliding back down the throat of convulsion
Claustrophobia waves of nausea curiosity wars with terror
Fitful flickering of illumination by a single encrusted bulb
Heightens horror at the speed of pain consuming rationality
What lurks in the dark tilted at angles leering from the outside
Feet slick and slimy in detritus faeces and cast of meat
Bones licked clean of meat stark in the putrid mass
Slopping through the mesh floor ruin falling to infinity
Grime crusted and caked by filth terrified eyes peering up
The stench is intolerable and the cacophony unendurable
A sound like humanity screeching in agonised unison
Reality lies bending and breaking like some tortured beast
Fluxing in contraction and expansion I hold myself and weep

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