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This song is by The Axis Of Perdition and appears on the album Tenements (Of The Anointed Flesh) (2011).

Wreckage and ruin broken yet breathing
Crawling on blindly mentally bleeding
Ragged and fractured scratching at meaning cling to futility
To pale shreds of reason clattering onwards
Ignoring the signs crumbling concrete
Stained and weeping slither through spaces
Clogged with detritus crack in the wet walls
Bulging with pale flesh the chaos is infinite
No end to the labyrinth I feel their imploring eyes
Writing their pain into my parchment skin howling and whimpering
Reaching with grasping senseless fingers squeezing through the breathing walls
My wretched audience undulates flapping docile empty mouth
Bereft of language other than gibberish eyes devoid of any emotion
The great unwashed spasm and flail pallid and quivering
Pinkish grey and listless the concrete is pocked and broken
Monstrous tracts of glistening flesh pulsing and writhing
In peristaltic undulation as through the placental tissue
Of some larval aborted god
Crawling downwards
Stagger onwards
Always downwards
I'm worming downwards
Watched by those pathetic eyes
Writhing convulsing flesh
The omnipresent stench of faeces and fear
Into the womb of the spiral
Led by the sigils and portents

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