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Man Of The Match

This song is by The Axis of Awesome and appears on the album Cry Yourself a River (2012).

When the final whistle has sounded
And the lights begin to go dark
The winners have all been applauded
And the losers are leaving the park

One man stands triumphant
His abilities well up to scratch
With superior strength, speed and wisdom
He's our champion man of the match

The paragon of footballing brilliance
The finest on the field today
He tackled kicked scored and ran with the ball
What prized words does he have to say

What does he have to say?

Oh yeah you know you put in a hundred and ten percent
You know full credit to all the boys, But It's a game of two halves
And at the end of the day you just put in a hundred and ten percent
At the end of the day

Oh yeah you just look at the score on the board and you see which team was hungrier
I mean two teams turn up, two tribes go to war but you know one can go away winners the others losers and that's the end of it

Yeah I know mate you just you know get your arms in you get your head tight and you put it around the ball and then when they come forward you go forward and they hit each other and fall over and then try to win at the end of the day It's all good

He's the Man of the Match
He gave a hundred and ten percent
He's the Man of the Match
Full credit to the boys

So you've won the match was that your plan?
Oh yeah nah oh yeah at the end of the day
What about defence?
Oh you know some people are just hungry for the ball
And others worry about it too much, that's it you know
Tell us about your strategy out there on the field?
Oh a stratgey is a top thing to have with your boots and field and you feet, feet, feet, yeah.

He's the Man of the Match

And the winner is football at the end of the day.

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